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  • For many clients, our work starts early. With 25 plus years of luxury building expertise, our insight can help optimize construction plans from a functional, aesthetic and cost pers
  • “You went the extra mile” is a comment we routinely hear from clients.
  • Our work is guided by a project plan developed with input from the client and reviewed in detail.

About CantorBuild

Getting the right fit is essential to the success of any building project. In that regard, nothing is more crucial than the team of tradesmen whose talent and energy bring the building plans to life. We are fortunate to have an extensive network of tradesmen to engage for our projects. They have proven their reliability, share our demand for quality and are highly regarded in their field. Our relationship with many span a decade or more. We work closely with our clients and their architect/designer to help ensure that optimal materials are specified for the project. Sometimes that means suggesting an alternative that can deliver longer-term, practical benefits. At other times we may suggest substitutes that can produce meaningful cost savings or fit better with the client’s project vision. Our insistence on the right fit extends to suppliers too. We target those suppliers that are able to deliver the most favorable pricing, consistently meet the highest standards for quality and have a record of standing behind their products. With deeps roots in large scale, production building, we know how to buy well and understand that aggressive cost control on individual components can produce a meaningful overall impact.